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Maintain peace of mind with the industry-leading GoldShield Warranty Scheme on all new park homes.

Free 10 Years Structural Warranty

Allens Caravans throws a protective GoldShield around its new residents by including the industry-leading GoldShield static caravan warranty on all new residential homes.

This warranty scheme is unique to the park home industry and is independently administered by the industry’s trade body, the NCC. It covers the main structure, windows and doors, roof, and internal and external structural finishings over a sliding 10-year time scale.

When purchasing your new static caravan, the warranty will run for ten years and cover your new home as follows:

  • Year 1 - the first year covers the whole structure and every part, component, fixture, and fitting. So, you can rest assured that the warranty covers all repairs if anything goes wrong during that first year.
  • Year 2 - in the second year, the warranty excludes specific faults or defects in electrical, gas, central heating controls and systems, soft furnishings, floor coverings and internal decorations. 
  • Years 3 - the GoldShield warranty covers any major defect in the load bearing.

Please be aware that GoldShield is not an insurance scheme, and you still need to ensure that your park home is adequately insured.

The warranty does not cover the pitch base on which your park home is erected. This is a separate element covered by the site management.

When you take ownership of your new home, we provide you with all the details necessary to register your static caravan with the GoldShield warranty scheme. It is your responsibility to make sure this is completed and must be done within 90 days of pitching your home.




Starting in 1987, GoldShield has covered over 12,000 Park Homes. The scheme was extensively revised and re-launched in June 2005. It is NOT an insurance policy, and homeowners should therefore insure their homes in the normal way.

For more details, click here to visit the GoldShields website.

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